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 FAQ: Hidden Sub-Forums for Critique Groups

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Jenna Harris
Jenna Harris

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FAQ: Hidden Sub-Forums for Critique Groups Empty
PostSubject: FAQ: Hidden Sub-Forums for Critique Groups   FAQ: Hidden Sub-Forums for Critique Groups EmptyMon Sep 26, 2011 3:03 am

How do I get a hidden sub-forum in which to run my critique group?
Message the site admin with your request. Include the name of your critique group and the usernames of the people that you want in your critique group.
The fine print: The site admins reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason, but if we must refuse (we prefer not to), it's most likely due to space constraints. Also, we're not liable for anything. We're just nice people who figured out how to run a forum and wanted to share the love. So if, for example, our site gets hacked, you fail to backup your work, or one of your critique group members do some crazy violation of copyright law, it's not our fault. Swim at your own risk. Ye be warned.

Who can see our hidden sub-forum?
Only the members of your hidden group, the Picture Writer site admins, and presumably the Forumotion admins. (Admins must monitor the site for illegal, illicit, or offensive material because violations could cause the entire forum to be shut down and possibly land some nice people in jail.)

How long will our posts stay in our hidden sub-forum?
If there has been no activity or responses to a topic for more than 30 days, the topic may be deleted automatically due to space restrictions (especially if it contains attachments). Once removed, topics cannot be recovered, so please be sure to keep off-site copies of all of your work and any responses you want to keep from your critique group.

What can't we post here?
1) Don't use this sub-forum to store your work indefinitely because inactive topics may be pruned after 30 days (see above).
2) Never post illicit or highly offensive material, as this could cause the entire site to be shut down! (Bad picture writer, no cookie.)
3) Anything that carries a virus.
The fine print: Violating policies 2 or 3 may result in any or all group members to be banned from the site and/or your hidden sub-forum to be deleted with or without warning. Why might this affect all of you? Because you're all moderators (see below).

Who moderates our hidden sub-forum?
You do. All of your group members have moderator access to your hidden sub-forum. If you need to change a topic into a sticky or if you find that one of your group members is being naughty, go to the bottom of the topic and click on the link "moderate this forum" for moderator access.

Can we make it so I receive automatic email notifications whenever someone posts to our hidden sub-forum?
Absolutely. Check the main FAQ page for instructions.

Why didn't my attachment attach to my post when I clicked "send"?
There are two "Send" buttons, one at the bottom of the "Post a new topic" box and another in the "Attach file" box right next to the "Browse" button. You have to click on the later attach a file. (Browsing and selecting the right file path is only half the battle.)

Why can we post attachments in our hidden sub-forum but no where else?
Because you're one of the few, the elite... No, actually, it has to do with space constraints and virus concerns. You get to do it in your sub-forum simply because it's a pain to run a critique group without Word documents.

How do we add or remove group members?
Message the site admin with your request.

How do we create those cool sub-forum / folder things?
You can't. Only an admin can and it's kind of a pain. So request one if you really need it, but please don't be a pest. You can resolve most issues yourself simply by creating a sticky topic (see below).

How do I create a sticky topic (one that always stays at the top of your topics list)?
You can only do this in your hidden forum where you're a moderator of course, but you can do it two ways:
1) While creating a new topic, scroll down to the options section and by "Post topic as", select "Sticky."
2) To change an existing topic into a sticky, scroll to the bottom of either the topic or the sub-forum. Next to "Permissions in this forum", click on "moderate this forum". Select the topic you want to change into a sticky. Then click on the "Sticky" button at the bottom right of the topics list.

How do we delete this hidden sub-forum?
Message the site admin.
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FAQ: Hidden Sub-Forums for Critique Groups
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